Brian gave so much to volleyball over nearly 50 years that it's difficult to sum up his contribution

* chair of English Schools Volleyball Association (pre EVA) and of EVA Junior commission for more than 40 years. He kept Junior Competitions going when EVA was interested only in adult, high level volleyball.

* Introduced Inter-Regional Competition and ran it for first 10 years

* Introduced and ran Pontin's Junior Volleyball Festivals - massively popular with schools and probably the biggest junior volleyball events ever run in this country

* Chaired Merseyside Volleyball League for more than 40 years, stabilising a very strong local league after rapid initial growth in the 1970s

* He loved working with juniors and continued to seek out opportunities to coach in primary schools until he was 80 years old

* He was a brilliant tournament organiser, no matter how big or small the event he'd turn up on the day with a sheaf of paper and have a tournament running within minutes

* Always generous with his time he'd travel miles to help run an event and would have been insulted if anyone offered to pay for his services.